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I was using my wife's handheld mirrior to look at my rock from behind the tank. (not much going on in the winter in Wisconsin. I sell swimming pools
I happened to notice a portion of a familiar piece of rock that I remembered from back-when (I moved my tank from my old house to my new house two years ago). I did a little digging and found a rock that was loaded with Red Blastos that went missing during my tank transfer two years ago. The blastos must have been only getting indirect light (back of tank). They have volume but are clearish. I wouldn't say they are bleached just transparant.
I have a 130 gal with 6x 96watt pc 1/2 acntic 1/2 10k
What would be the correct location (light exposure / flow) for these blastos. The colony was the size of my fist 2 years ago before the move.


They are under 6 x 96 watt pc acintic/10K. The newfound blastos are 3/4 away from the lights. I may have exposed a little too long on that pict.
My tank is about 24" deep.


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Try putting them in a shaded area for a few days to recover. But I have never seen them bleached to that extreme.