Good vs not-so-good Green Algeas


I have at least six different types of green algae growing in my tank.
Can anyone give me a source that will help me identify them and determine which I would want to keep as food (for a bi-color angel I plan to purchase shortly - I was told they require a lot of rock w/algae to constantly graze off of) and which strains I would want to gleem from the tank.
The growth started as a severe bloom of hair algae but over the months that the tank stabilized, I have "spontaneously grown" multiple new strains.
Thanks for the help.


I was able to find a website on my own to figure our 4-5 of the six types I see growing. (Searched on
NOW......... (OK You techies out there...)
Which type of green algae are HEALTHY for fish to eat and which are NOT? Can't find any info on this.
Thnaks for the help.


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If you want some really healthy food for your herbivores, pick up some seaweed selects or put some romaine lettuce in your tank. Just clip either one to the side of the tank and they'll graze at will. I do this for my atlantic blue tang and for my rabbitfish.


Thanks for the response, BUT it did not answer my question.
WHich species of green algae are healthy/beneficial for fish to graze off of, and which are not (or simply are a nuisance which fish will just ignore).
Still awaiting an answer, or... a website where I can get the answer.


"The Complete Book of the Marine Aquarium" by Vincent Hargreaves has a pretty extensive chapter on marine algae. Might want to stop by the book store or check out the library.
Not sure it will answer you question, but it is a good place to start. It will teach you more about algae than you ever wanted to know. It breaks the algae down by species and phylla and gives you a picture of each.