graduatinf from softies, starting some hard corals


I have many soft corals in my tank right now and I am wanting to try some of the easier hard corals but I want a little advise first.
Currently I check the salinity, ph, calcium, nitrates, amonia, but not phospates since I really havent found an accurate test for that. What else do I need to be checking if I am adding hard corals to my tank. I have tried to do so some homework but Kent offers so many different products im not sure which ones are good or bad. Is Kent Liquid Reactor needed or can I dose with the normal calcium supplent I have been using? Also I hear about Kalwasser. Is this needed, how do you test to see if you have enough, or do you dose on a regular basis? I know that Kent Kalwasser says you need to add their strontium supplement with the Kalwasser. I have always stayed away from the hard corals but I would like to try some of the easier ones and want to do it right (without buying a calcium reactor).
All info would help


I have several LPS and I only check what you listed. I don't have a calcium reactor, either.
I think a Cup or a galexia is a good place to start, but frogspawn and my long tenticle plate are my favorite, plus they can be (one could say "should be") spot fed.


My wife has her eyes set on a frogspawn, plate, bubble coral, and brain. Do I need to use Kalwasser????
Are these some okay starters for someone used to softies? or are there some easier ones?? (125gallon with @4-5 wpg lighting)


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You don't have to drip kalk at all, kalk is just a cheap way to keep your Alk/Cal levels maintained with a few other benefits. What kind of lighting do you have, the WPG formula is useless.