green brain coral discharge


I just recently purchased (about 4 days ago) a green brain coral. It appears to be acclimating ok. Today i noticed this brown discharge that was coming from one of the "mouths" of the brain. I watched it for a few minutes and it eventually completely came out and detached. It looked kind of long stringy and a dark brown color. What could this be?? Is it anything to worry about or is this something normal. This is the first brain that i have bought.


you watched your brain poop!!! lol. our brain does that too. we used to have a green brain and he did that. we have a red brain and he does it too. it is normal!!! are you spot feeding it?? that is what we do. loves it! we turn the pumps off and spot feed all the corals we have in our tank. it is really neat to watch them eat!!!

-Trikonreef's Wife-