Green bubble and red slime. Help!!!


I know this thread has probably been run already, but everytime I try to search, I get a connection timed out or Internal server error, but thats another story. I have a 30gl tank with roughly 30# lr and 4"ls bed. 1 sebae clown, 2 anemones, 5 astrea snails, 1 turbo, 2 camel back shrimp, and an emerald crab. I am running a skilter 250 filter, temp set at 77, and lighting for 7hrs/day. My prob is I have red slime and green bubble algae going rampant. Just had my water tested on saturday and lfs said the readings were great.I do a 5gl water change every week. I was told the emerald would eat the green bubble, but all he did was eat a path through it, and hasnt been at it since. I also use ro water I buy frome the lfs. HELP!!!! I now have spots starting on the substrate. Any advice on whats going on? Thanks.


Left-handed hermits are one of the few that will eat cyanobacteria aka slime algea. They can become aggressive when older though.