green bubble tip anemone question


i bought a green bubble tip anemone 7+ months ago..

when I purchased it, it was neon beautiful bright green..
after just a few weeks, the anemone has been brownish and looks real bad..
it has been alive for 7 months or more, and opens up and everything, BUT whats with the color???
what chemical or nutrient or vitamin does this anemone need that I do not have? Or do I have TOO much of a chemical that is causing it to discolor?
I waited so long for it to change back to its bright colors, but nothing is happening... :help:
what do i do??? :notsure:


its under 500 total watts of MH.. 75Gallon tank...
i have many other corals, which are all healthy.. and this anemone is alive too, just that dang color..
Ammonia: 0
PH: 8.0-8.2
nitrite: 0
salinity: 1.024
calcium: 400


are you kiddin me? they colored the coral to sell it? i doubt it. it just lost its color, but i suppose no one knows why...
Is it possible that it was colored for sale?
This is truely a legitimate question, Anemones are regularly "dyed" by some of the non-reputable LFS and or dealers. That could be the answer to your anemones loss of color.


i dont think it was dyed.. because aside from color, the anemone seemed to be thicker and tentacles were closer to each other.. now it is very far apart.. like bald, when it opens up. but still alive for many months.. i know it is not the same as when i got it. somethings not rite. :notsure:


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They die slow. Most anemones live for 50+ years in nature and 1 year in home tanks. They die a slow death due to the wrong lighting and poor nutrition. And yes, I have herd of dying them to dell them. Sucks I know but we buy them based on color. Hell I saw a woman with a miniature poodle last week with pink hair.
But dont trust me I only know that I am too new a reefer to keep such an animal.


Originally Posted by mujtba
when I purchased it, it was neon beautiful bright green..
after just a few weeks, the anemone has been brownish and looks real bad..
1. Yes people will do anything for the all mighty dollar and there are constantly reports of dyed anemones and corals.
2. I see nothing out of the ordinary here. You say it was bright green? Not common for a BTA but I've seen some strange color morphs before. Why didn't it stay that color? Depends on how it was kept before you purchased it.
What type of lighting was in under before purchase? and how long did they have it?
Could it have been a simple case of it bleaching at the time only to go into your healthy tank and returning to its natural color?...Could be...
Could it simply be that under your lighting it takes on a tan/brown look?...Could be..
Could it be something about the water chemistry....Could be...
Could it have had a touch of dye added to it,....possibly...
Possibly even combinations of the above.
All in all this is not the first time I've heard of anemones getting darker and returning to what I would call a natural tan/brownish color, this is very normal for the xooxanthellae that lives within it, and lighting plays a very important roll here.
I would examin the lighting difference between where you purchased it (and when) and your lighting. Also if it were possible to find out where it was originally harvested and what condition it was in then.
If possible provide a pic


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Originally Posted by Oceanists
speg you have a rose bubble tip
Roses are red
(violets are blue)