Green polyp leather dying?


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I just recently bought a huge green polyp leather coral and took it home. When I opened the bag (the bag was in a big box), I noticed that the leather was completely out of the water, it must have been out of the water for about 15 minutes. I put it in the tank and it is just limp. Is it dying? :cry:
It was really expensive and I don't want it to die cause it looked great.
Much thanks, I just wanna know if its ok or not.


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Can you post a pic? Leathers are generally very hearty and can take alot of abuse. How long has it been in your tank?


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ill bet you 100$ that its fine, it will probably look cruddy for a while too though. they will "molt" under stress, or normal conditions and look sickly. but after a few days there will be a slimy clear skin that sheds off it and it will be good as new looking. 15 minutes isnt a death sentence for those corals


Leather's can shrink down to 1/4 their size and look like crap even when they are healthy. It can also take them a few weeks to fully recover from trauma. More than likely it will be fine. Just make sure it has moderate flow and leave it alone. Messing with it will just prolong the recovery.