Green Star Poly


Hey everyone, I've had this Green Star Poly since I started my tank almost 1 1/2 ago. It started to spread then stopped, the started again. Anyways, it hasn't fully opened in a long time and I'm trying to figure out why. I just got a controller and can finally accurately measure my PH which BTW was at 7.7 and I'm slowing got it up to 8.1 with a goal of 8.3. I also now have a more stable temperature but it still hasn't opened. All of my water parameters are AWESOME and my salinity is 1.024 and all my other coral and fish as doing awesome.

Any ideas?


bang guy

Can you list the actual water parameters? I've heard "awesome" before but that has no meaning as everyone's awesome differs. Most interesting to me is Temp, Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium. Salinity is also of interest but once I know the temperature I can derive it from the S.G. you listed. I assume you mean S.G. is 1.024 since a Salinity of 1.024 would be fresh water. ;)

What did you do to allow the PH to rise?

How much waterflow is going over the polyps?

I'll make a WAG - I'm thinking Alkalinity is too high and there's not enough water flow over the GSPs.


When I get home Bang I will post what I have but I don't test Alkalinity or Magnesium as of yet. I'm starting to think maybe I should. But like I said I will post the other when I get home tonight. Thanks


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How close is it to your other corals and what other corals do you have? Maybe its getting stung?

Just a thought.


Ok here is what I have. I got a Red Sea Test kit last night.
Ammonia 0.0
Nitites 0.0
Nitrates 0.0
Phosphates 0.1
PH 8.22
Temp 78
Calcium 300
Alkalinity 7.0
Magnesium 1560

I'm running two LEDs for lighting and I have one Green Star at each end on a rock that is a few inches off the sand. Nothing even near it that has the ability to sting. I'm tried light higher and lights lower with no effect.

bang guy

Well, my initial guess was wrong. You could bump up Calcium and Carbonate a bit and that may help a little.

In my experience GSP do best in a turbulent waterflow.


Thanks Bang, I was thinking the same with the Calcium. I just got my DA Controller which is helping with maintaing a more stendy TEMP and my PH was at 7.7 a few days ago and I just started (last night) checking Calcium and I will try to get more flow on this as well. Thanks again.