Green Tang??? Anyone know of these?

A LFS by me has "Green Tangs" for sale, I tried doing some research on them, but I have never seen them for sale anywhere on the internet. Are they misleading people? Is there any such thing? They sell them for like $10. Could they be a juvenile of some larger tang? They are mostly sold at about 1- 1 1/2 " long. They kind of look like a Convict Tang, but with no stripes, just a solid shimmery color.
Just curious if anyone else has seen these?


Could be anything - at that size alot of the naso tangs look the same - I have heard of the vlamengi being called a green tang. It could also be a number of different acanthurus tangs. Can you get a digital pic? I would be able to tell ya then...
I have a pic, it isn't very good, but I will try to post it tonight or tommorrow. I too thought it might be a vlamingi tang. Could be I will try to get the pic up.