Grouper in Reef?


I know that they get HUGE, just a hypothetical question: Besides the size issue and the fact that they have a tendancy to eat shrimp and small fish, is there any reason not to put a grouper in a reef tank?
Thanks as always! -David


they produce a lot of waste which is the main problem but if your filtration is good enough im sure you could get away with one .. they wont actually bother corals or anemones


I had one in my reef for several months until I started having nitrate issues..I then relocated him to my brothers tank 125 gallon...folr..He is huge and very beautiful in his new home. (Panther Grouper )
He grew in a matter of 2 months from one inch long to 3 when I relocated him.
He didn't bother any of my corals or shrimp, but now that he is larger he would make quick work out of them.
Kim :D


Lionfish says.......
As cool as I find Groupers to be, they really couldn't ever get a good spot in a reef. Of course a reef tank with a grouper wouldn't be a "Traditional" reef. I say this because, and this, in my own opinion, because to me a reef is a tank with lots of little inverts running around and corals and small colorful fish. Now, no matter, it could be done of course, however, it would have to be a very large tank and filtration would be the major issue at hand. You would need a major filtration system since Groupers are notorious for being sloppy eaters and leaving an incredible amount of waste. This means, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate will be sure to rise in a quuick manner. The waste would settle on corals and they would eventually die unless a very good powerhead system was used. Also, small fish would not be possible to mantain with a grouper. And inivetibally inverts would be almost non-existent after awhile. I recommend groupers to only be in fish only/aggressive/predator tanks. Hope this helps.