growing new coraline algea


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Hello to all,
I was needing to find out what I could add to my new tank to get some coraline to start blooming. And does any one know if there is anything I could add to my tank to help with phosphates and nitrates.
Thanks.... All replies are welcomed.
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Hi and welcome,
How old is your tank?
Patients are all that is really needed for coralline algae. There is some stuff called purple up, I heard works. Be careful, it raises calcium. If your calcium is already right it might make it too high.
phosphates, as I understand it will inhibit coralline growth.


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Water Parameters:
Salinity: 1.024-1.026 constant
Temp: 76-80F constant
Ammonia: 0ppm
Nitrate: 0-5ppm
Nitrite: 0ppm
Calcium: 480ppm constant
Magnesium: 1400ppm constant
Alkalinity: 8-12dKH constant
pH: 8.2 constant
Phosphate will not only kill coralline algae and inhibit growth, but it will also make some corals stress out and will kill them in too high of an amount.
If you don't have enough light, that could be the cause, and if you have too much light, that could also be a problem.
Also, if you have a coralline "line" on your aquarium, it's where the coralline has been exposed to air and dies during water changes.
Also, increase the flow in the tank. This should push the coralline algae to grow in certain parts of the aquarium.


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Hi and ThankYou,
My tank has been up now for about a week. This tank was a move. I got this tank from a lady that had it up and running for about 5 years now. I kept everything but the salt water. Everything looks good on test but the phosphates. They are a little bit on the high side. I've noticed a tad bit of die off on the coraline. And there's a Algea bloom on the back glass That was a light green and now is turning brown. I plan on a water change of 30% on my 80 gal. With r/o and not tap.
When I started this up I used tap that was treated and all test came out good. (I know, I know-LoL) Before I decided on that I called the water Co. to get there breakdown Looked real good.
I guess thats what is causing the outbreak. Also I'm starting to get some good things out of my rocks. Hermits, some really small snails and some feather dusters.
So what could I use to speed up the process of getting rid of the phosphates?