Gtfih now!!!


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I thank God for a succesful delivery.
baby was born around 525pm on 2-26-10...
Drake Arnold (King of BB) Roberts
Labor was around 11 hrs.
7.65 lbs
18.5 inches
And the biggest feet you'll ever see.

A Not so rough pic of Mommy and Daddy!



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Little man is just wonderful! Congrats to you and you wife. Hope all is well with them.


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hehe, congrads, and thanks for giving me a good laugh, by posting "not so rough pictures of momma and daddy"
I've always laughed at how haggard the folks look after a few hours of labor.


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Congrats Reb...

I don't want to rock the boat too much here, but did he inherit the "white" gene. Skin tone from the pics is not looking like you bro...

Very beautiful family....


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Aww! He totally looks like daddy - he's just not that tanned yet :)
Beautiful baby, congrats