Had it with Hermits!!!!


I have had it with these suckers!!!!!
I just noticed that they are eating ( at a rapid pace I might add) my star polyps....NOT Amused <img src="graemlins//yell.gif" border="0" alt="[yell]" />
I feed the dang things shrimp and krill, along with my emeralds, and Anenome crab....They also killed a snail that fell off the glass and didnt adjust right away... <img src="graemlins//mischievous.gif" border="0" alt="[Mischievous]" /> <img src="graemlins//evilwhorn.gif" border="0" alt="[Evil Horn]" /> :mad:
They are SO out of here!!!


all depends on how yo ugo about it & what you keep...for the most part, most people don't seem to have problems w/ the scarlet ones...we have never had a prob w/ the scarlet ones..they do tend to cost little more; thing w/ crabs is that they are great scavengers & sometimes are best for keeping the sand clean


Susie are you sure they were eating your star polyps. When I added star polyps to the tank I thought the same thing. They were all over it munching away. I kept knocking them off but they kept returning. I finaly found out they were eating the algae or deritus around the polyps and not harming the coral at all. I have both red and blue legs and they've never harmed anything that was healthy in my tank.


Thats what I thought to, that they were "just cleaning", but I watched tonight, and they ARE eating them
<img src="graemlins//yell.gif" border="0" alt="[yell]" />
I have been slowly losing a patch at a time, and they are very healthy....Little turds they are...
My daughter-in-law said that she would take them for her tank, so I'm bagging them up and OUT they go tomorrow morning.. :D
Grrrrrrrrr..Im still annoyed...I just found my Fiddler crab shell too...EMPTY..
~Susie <img src="graemlins//eek.gif" border="0" alt="[eek]" />


you might be amazed at what they are actually eating in your tank. Try going without for a couple of months, you'll likely see at least a pod explosion.
Susie~ I say go for it. I don't miss having them in my reef tank at all.

kris walker

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Yup, I feel your pain. Had one of my *scarlet reef* hermits eat my green star polyps. Nice little chunks out of the nice healthy purple mat. Took all 3 back to LFS. You won't be disappointed. Best switch I ever did.


What kind of hermits did you have? I have like 3 left hand and 3 blue leg crabs. I haven't noticed them harming anything.


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Got rid of all but 2 of mine cuz they were hiding when I cleaned house.
I don't have much luck with clawed inverts other than shrimp.
Will never have them in reef tank again.
I feel your pain Susie!


I have red and blue hermits and they dont bother a thing, but I have no complaints as of yet.I have corals of different sort and they dont bother a thing. Maybe I should watch them more closly now. Sorry to hear about your monsters. All will be well one day :)


Welcome to the HCC(horrible crab club) my hermits(before there was a major ammonia spike and everything died off like a bomb hit) killed 4 snails and never ate algae!!!!!!!
hey susie they did the same to me also i just hade to trap mine because it ate an horseshoe crab and it worked on my starfish which the poor thing go flushed 2 days ago.so i agree wiith you a whole lot they must go and not a good sugestion as a clean up crew if you have a reef tank