Hair Algae


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Hello, i think i have what is called hair algae in my tank it is very very ugly, any ideas on how to get rid of it??


First you have to figure out why you have the algae. Mine was overfeeding my coral.
If you don't address the why, it will keep growing back.
Here is what I did...
I took out my hairy rock a piece at a time, and using a new brush I scrubbed it and then rinsed it with saltwater.
I used an algae scrapper on the back glass and got all that I could off.
I purchased six emerald crabs, two sally light foot crabs and a blue spotted kole tang. They eat hair algae, so I got them to eat what I may have missed, and as long as the problem is under control they can keep things clean.
It has been a month and so far, so good. I have to feed my algae eaters now because I don't have enough algae for them to eat. I am happy to supplement their diet.
This worked for me so I am passing it along. Like I said..Address the why you got hair algae in the first place.
Good luck, hope this helps.


I just went through the same problem. Decided to buy to bali sea hares they gulp the stuff right up. I had so much though they werent making a dent. I finally decided to take all the rock out and scrup the algea off. It all was worth it cause my rock looks great and my tank is back. Once again i am addicted to the hobby.