hair algea


Sailfin tang, Diamond Goby(I think) and Algae Blennie. That's all that I know of. Maybe a Kole tang as well. For that matter, Any Tang.....I guess. But I could be wrong.


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His Sig says 10 Gallons, dont think we should be mentioning tangs and foxfaces. Snails would be your best bet in a small tank.


Yep I wouldn't even think of putting those in my 10 gallon. I was going to go with more snails and hermits, but I wanted to add a second fish with my false perc, and wanted to get something that would be happy in my 10 gallon and also eat the hair algea. I am saving up for a 120 gallon now so it wont be long with this 10 gallon but I don't know what kind of algea eating fish I could put in my ten gallon that would get along with my clown and corals, and be happy in there until my change over.


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Instead of finding things to eat the hair algae, you should figure out why you are getting the algae.
List all tank specs and water test results. What type of water are you using, lighting, livestock. Basically anything and everything about your tank.