hair algea


Hi everyone it's been quite a while since i've posted here, but over the past year i've learned A LOT I'm approaching the beggining of my fourth year of keeping tropical fish and i do still have my very first fish a now 3 year old occilaris clown fish named spot. I've stuck to nano tanks mostly do to cost and that i still live at home and my parrents dont want anything on the main floor so i've got a 10g soft coral reef in my room and a 20g long LPS soft coral frag tank in my basement, housing my pride and joy, an orange dendro. which brings me to my dillema. an the 3 years i've been keeping fish when ever i ran into a problem i've always turned to a book, a LFS, or this site. And i've come up to a dead end with the other 2. so my question is what does everyone use as a long term sollution for hair algea. All coments are welcome, and I appreciate any imput.