Halo's 28JbJ Reef/Invert Nano Diary


this is my fts also u see my black sun coral with one of my pom poms on top
and then u see my blenny(he nipped me a couple of times today as i feed and cleaned my tank a bit



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CORALINE SNAPPPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That first pic is a bute...so are those bambams
check my updates when you get a chance
wat do u mean by bute???? sorry i took like 1000000 pics and picked the best ones, i did it all to make up for my taking leave for a while, sorry about that i will keep sucking up with more pics and updates=P
idk wat they are but i love how orange they are and they have red centers they look sick under my moon lights.


oh cool thanx, yea its still not to where i want it doh, i can't wait till its a thick smooth spread of purple all over the rockz, its still pretty thin but its getting there=P
u also see my blasts laying on the sand upside down in that pic lol then i decided to stick them on somewhere with epoxy


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Nice pic update. Are we having like a photo uploading contest ? LOL. We both have been uppin alot ! I LOVE SEEING NEW PICS of everyones tank even if there is nothing new in it. Just snap sum photos. AH NO one hardly ever updates anymore. ALL THOSE SHRIMP AND CRABS AND EVERYTHING ARE AWESOME BTW. Do they all get along ?? Because i mean my fire shrimp and cleaner shrimp have standoffs.


all my inverts are happy together they actually crawl on top of each other without getting bothered.
i was worried about have 5 pom poms bc alot of people got 2 pom poms and one always killed the other but so far i have no problem but then again i also spot feed my crabs one by one=P they love my hand lol as soon as it goes in they all run out heheh i even picked up a pom pom today without a problem.
yea i love updates but i wish i can show u how my tank looks exaclty especially all the little inverts bc they are small so i take bad picks of them and can't buy a 500 dollar camera to do that sorry guyz.


Okay, you've got me convinced... I've GOT to get a porcelain anemone crab!~

and LOOK AT YOU!! Your tank looks awesome!
All that purple coralline that you wanted?? It's there and it looks soooo good!
Your blenny must be a little piggie by now to have cleaned up all that algae!

Lookin' good, Halo!! Now don't go anywhere, okay??


nope i actually need one but spending 300 is a bit much, right now if u see in some of my pics i prop up the hood a bit and that helps with warmer days so far, my tank only goes up 3-4 degrees more then room temp, and i keep the AC on. my tank never goes above 80. i keep it at 78.
i do need a chiller bc i know someone will open a window or something in summer and all my inverts will be cooked. i could always switch to running the lights at night and that would save me incase of a problem. i will prob buy one in a month or sooner i just have to work for it=(


yea it nipped me for the first time today but then again i had mysis shrimp in my fingers and was trying to feed the coral.
i know some blennys can be aggresive but this one runs everytime i go up to the tank or stick my hand in and i never see it bothering the inverts and they arent scared of the fish either.


Thats good..I knew I had to get a chiller for my tank..Bein on my credit card I wasn't to worried but now im payin..lolbut tank looks good..I like it..I will post more of my tank tomorrow..


oh Kat thanx so much
lol u will deff love the anemone porcelain crab (get it its white with red specs really pretty and they will go into ur elegance=P) u should get a pair b/c sometimes these crabs just fall apart litarally, usually a sick one or something to that matter.
oh i plan on goin now where, nor is my tank heheh. oh and the blenny is fat lol.
Cross: yea i wouldn't do that with my credit card lol i need to know i have the money first to pay it back right away i really want a good credit history unlike my parents lmao.
k i'll check u out tomorrow=P


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I think in the future I'm gonna copy you and go with a 14gallon biocube reef and invert tank with maybe a clown goby :-D


I have sort of lost the passion for the hobby, not because it got boring but simply bc i didnt have time for it.I have enjoyed my tank and learning about this tank immencly.
I have just reread my own diary and got a huge sadisfaction, one was all the memorys that came rushing back and how i enjoyed everything about my tank.
i also learned i didnt add enough pics lmao even if they were crappy ones, thanx for everyone reminding me on that

I will start my tank anew and after everything i learned i hope it will be better then before
even thought i loved it immencely.
Basically its been monthz since my last update and i have been slacking on my tank so the whole glass got covered with corraline algae and i didnt take care of it like i used too.
I have given away alot of the critters that i could some just naturally died or disapeared and that mystery will never be solved lol.
i will list as best as possible what happen to the critters in my tank. Also will add comments to show what i learned by having them.
k here goes first off some coral i was able to give away but i kept most of it and some just failed from the beginning or when i didnt keep my tank in perfect condition.
Black sun coral
~ was giving away only had 2 heads that turned into 3 but i got lazy and it was hard to feed when u have it located in a hard to reach spot.
the rest of the coral that failed just died or slowly melted from when i got them so i dont take those into account right now.
Getting to the inverts i have to say they were a blast to have and observe and i will be having more in the future.

Porcelain crabs i owned 4 and are very sensitive to water changes so watch that ur water is great and stable. i actually owend 2 up intill recently when one died and another one died when i was redoing my whole tank i tried my best. they are fantastic and so peaceful that i recommend anyone to get them.
Pom Pom crabs
, i actually owned 5 (plz reread my diary if u want more info) they are great one naturally died/disapeared was the smallest of them. 2 i actually gave away to a friend and i kept 2 of the biggest which is a true pair and they have been constantly breeding for me. they are a little aggressive to each other only if they have to compete for space/food so as long as u take care of there needs they r fine and mine actually come right up to my hand to recieve food so they are easy to spot out and about all day.
Emperor shrimps
, omg i loved this pair, i kept them for a long time and a couple of months ago i was slacking on feeding and one of them decided to check the back of the tank most likely looking for food well he disapear on me, for all i know he could of went into the filter chamber or something. the other one i gave away recently also to someone with a pico and i report hes doing fine=P. the reason i gave him away is bc he started exploring the tank more and hosting the front less and i didnt want something to happen to him.
bumble bee shrimp
i had one in my tank and even thought i had it for a couple of month i wouldnt get it unless for a pico just bc it was tiny and when i mean tiny i mean supper tiny trust me.
sexy shrimp
all i can say is what great shrimp so easy to own. i still have my pair and they are great, they host a couple of corals in my tank and i would recommend anyone even people with big big tanks to get them bc they dont hid to much and are active.
k as fare as every other shrimp i owned, they are great as long as u keep there needs in mind.
Crabs and hermits and snails are all easy to own as long as u do some research just so u know the right species to get.
As far as fish i kept them small so my inverts where safe. i owned many like my mandarin(loved her) that is in a big tank and happy hope she is well. i have alot to say on the subject but just ask me if u want more info.
other fish did well and some i just kept for a little while.
i had some badluck a couple of months ago with a ferry wrasse ,coral beauty and a blenny, where i got a parrasite from one of them and long story short i lost all 3 even though i tryed to save them with freshwater dips but it was to late, ironically i also had/have a firefish at the time and even doh it was infested with the parasite but to hard for my to catch so i thought it was a goner but its still alive and happy in my tank and i believe still has some of the parasite.
k im definitely sure i missed some but if u wana know wat happen to them just ask
also that big blue worm i had prob is gone even doh he lived along time in my tank just havnt seen him in monthz.
i have alot of info in my diary so feel free to look back before asking obviously simple question, other then that ask away and i will answer.


K so as u know, i redid my tank meaning i emptied all of the rock and tank water into a big container with a heater and powerhead.
i then removed the sand into buckets, scrubed my tank down which was covered in corraline algae (took me a hour) i also removed everything from my back sump (alot of LR and pumps)
i cleaned the pumps and the back area alot of just plain dirt.
i then washed out the sand to remove all the filt that was in it. this involves me rinsing it out, took me along time, i then added it to the clean tank, i then added back the LR and corals did a 50 percent water change.
everythings better looking then it was before,(pics soon). i also got my rocks to stack a bit more with the help of some epoxy that way the glass is clean so i can get a magfloat to clean.


K these are some sorry for the crappy pics i'll try to get better and get a better camera. also notice that all the corraline bleech bc of the cleaning.