Hard water stains?


Anyone ever had any luck with removing hard water stains? I have a 180 I bought from a guy and come to find out, he let the water level in the tank get low and therefore hard water stains appear so far to be permanent around the tank. It's very annoying. I called my LFS and he said that there's no way to get them out, even with CLR. He said to try razor blade, tried it and didn't work. Any ideas?

veni vidi vici

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Ive had this happen to a 30 gallon tank i acquired. The previous owner let the tank sit in storage and some water evaporated out of the tank.It left a line and left some of the glass looking like it was scuffed with sandpaper.I tried Vinegar solution,Razor,soft scrub pads,CLR....... nothing worked.The only way to get these out is to buff them out. Its can be done on glass or acrylic tanks.Google either "Buffing out Glass or Acrylic"to see what you need and how too.
Glass scratches: