Hardiest Fish


probably the most under rated fish.......
BAR GOBY!!!!!!
they pair up, dont attack other fish and are reef friendly......
yeah bar gobies......
p.s. puffers are god

dr. jay

Pseudochromas Fridmani... A real delight to watch. Beautiful pink and purple skinny and slick. Looks like one smart fish. Hardy too. Only problem..... My last one got sucked into the overflow tank :( Got a new ne though.... and its real cute.


yes i will have to say my damsil and clowns but my pygmy angel went through hell and back and he is still kicking like nothing ever happened. from ick to 20degree heet swings yes i was new to the hobby now i have it down to a 2 degree swing thats from my lights metal hilide. :eek: :D :D


I agree that damsels are the hardiest. I recommend the blue damsels. They are cheap and not as territorial as yellow tail damsels. The yellow tangs are hardy too (although they may lose their color if you have poor water condition). Triggers are great to start a tank but never put them into a reef (and some are more aggressive than others). :cool: :cool: :cool:


I know that this may sound weird, but my chalk basslet has endured three strikes of ick a three hour move bagged up, and major nitrate spike. I lost my damsels, and my yellow tang, but this little guy made it through it all and is still kicking today...so to speak!!
Im with pufferlover,
My dog face could make it through an overstocked 29 gal with no filtration runing at 88 degrees with no food for a week and a PH below 7 with an SG of 1.40. Relax this never happened he has lived his entire life in a 75 gal bowfront by himself, but this guy has been through two ich outbreaks, attacks by a porc puffer, trapped air, all sorts (not for awhile as I remedied the problems some time ago). I am working on a very small cape with an "S" on it for this litle guy. If I can only figure out how to tie it on.