Harlequin Shrimp feeding


I was recently in my LFS and I saw the biggest, baddest looking Harlequin Shrimp that I had ever seen. I had been on the fence about picking one up for a while. So I had done some research and had an idea of what this entailed.
I couldn't resist purchasing this big, beautiful shrimp. I already had a few Sandsifting Stars in my tank that had been in there for over a year. He is currently working his way through those. I've done some reading, but I would like to hear other peoples experiences first hand. How do you go about feeding your Harlequin's? Do you keep stars in a separate tank and just toss a leg in at a time? Do you throw a bunch of stars in there and let them do their thing? Do you add one star every week or so?
Any advice from people that have experience with these shrimp would be greatly appreciated.



Mine (all 4 - two mated pairs) live solely on the Asterinas that have taken over my tank. Once they're under control, the Harlequins will get fed by simply throwing in a sand sifting starfish or similar starfish. The shrimp find the starfish and make quick work of them.