Has anybody seen those comedy roasts on Comedy Central?


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I just saw the Flavor Flav one last night! I have yet to recover from laughter! OMG!
THe Pamela Anderson one and William Shatner ones are just as funny!


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i saw the pamela anderson, bill shatner, and flavor flav roasts. HILARIOUS! it seems like they spend more time roasting the other roasters though



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They are so funny. I couldn't stop laughing last night. The Hugh Hefner one was pretty funny as well.


Saw the Shatner roast.
Incredibly funny, but it seems like the majority of the jokes were at the expense of the other roasters and not the honoree.
And while I'm not prude and enjoy a good raunchy joke, seemed like that was the theme ... the cruder, the better. Could have been just as funny without quite as much raunch.
Oh the days of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast ... funny and classy.


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The best part of the show was when they made fun of the host, Brigitte Nielson and the best CARROT TOP! OMG....