Has this happened to anyone else?


I looked in my tank tonight, and found my mandarin in my powerhead? All tank specs was great, and today he was busy eating. Just wondering if it ever happened to anyone else. Thanks
i had something sorta like that happen, i found a sickly damsel stuck to the intake tube for my filter , needless to say he was there a while and he dident make it, i also had a true percula clown when he had ick stuck(or just relaxin) aginst my rio50, happy to say hes liveing a happy and normal life :)
This happened to one of my cromises. It was a very healthy fish and one day while doing matnece on my tank I got frightened and was sucked up by the powerhead. He didn't make it eighter now the last surviving one schools by himself/herself. :(

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We had a three striped damsel in our 20 gal. We had just put in a new power head and thought we had the guard on the intake, well, turns out that we forgot to put it on and the next morning, the damsel was a solid little ball stuck in the intake. Not a very happy day. :(


there are sponges you can buy to put on the intake to the powerhead the will stop this from happening again. Good luck


Hey salisbury, you got sucked up in your powerhead?? Wow...bet that was scary. lol :D You stated "I got frightened and was sucked up by the powerhead." That never happens to me when I do maintenance. Next time, maybe I should try getting INTO the tank. I'll tell you how it goes. *Sorry, I just had to call you out on the mess up...it was too funny just picturing the scenario. I was just imagining someone with an algae scraper whose finger was being sucked up by the powerhead with this desperate look on their face while their fish swam casually around them....too funny. lol :D*
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You mean all I had to do to get the pesky damsels out of my tank was run some powerheads without the intake gaurd? Good trick, would not have been a bad day for me., LOL