HELP! Amonia in quarentine tank!


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Ok all that is in there is a heater, 2 PVC pipes, and a penguin powerhead with a sponge on the end. The amm was so dark green I freaked so I did a 60% water change and the green is lighter but still there!
How many days of 50% water changes am I going to have to do until it settles down?


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Two or three days. Is this RO water? If you add amo. with the water change it will be longer.


Do you have anything in the OT tank,or did I miss that. A brittle worm in a QT tank can actually be very benifical and eat any let over food or dead inhabitants. People use them in their clown fish grow out tanks. Just an idea.


Pick up some Amquel plus. This is just a temporary fix. What you really need is some biological filtration in there. Are you treating any fish at the moment? If so, how?


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Ammonia in any uncycled tank is inevitable.For future use; get a HOB filter for your QT. Keep a spare sponge for the filter (no carbon) in your main DT system. When you need QT, put the sponge into the HOB filter on the QT....instant cycle. The HOB will provide flow as well. Toss the old ones, they're cheap and always keep a spare or two in your DT system. You may need a hospital tank and sick fish don't need ammonia.