Help....Chormis harrasing eachother


I have 3 Blue/Green Chormis' and two are doing VERY well....always eating and growing pretty fast. The third Chromis is really struggling badly. The others are constantly nipping at him and swimming in front of him (trying to bully him into mating????) shaking rapidly (like male guppies do when trying to mate) then turning around and nipping at him. I am worried he is going to die as he now has a red dot near is face.


Did you add these fish all together,or was one added at a later time?
I had 2 chromis, then added a third and the same thing happened. Mine kinda chased off the third, even though they are supposed to "school". I added a 4th and the problem stopped.
I was told that they could have been a "pair" and adding the 3rd caused a little competion. I dont know of the vaildity of that statement, but when I added my 4th to the tank the problem stopped.
Just my experience...
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i did add the third after having the two, b/c I heard they are better in trios. Maybe I'll pic another one up after work on Monday.


i started out with 5 and i have 2 left i don't know where the others went can't find them and i'm not going to tear up my live rock to look for them, is this normal for them to disappear, i bought them all together and were doding good i thought , i seems i turn the lights in the morning and i'm short one, go figure


Hell, I lost a yellow tailed damsel in my tank when I was breaking it down. No live rock or nothing!!!! Just water. Took my wife and me about 30 minutes to find it. Still don't know where it was hiding!:D Good thing I have an eye doctor appointment next week!!!!