Help chosing the supplies

Help please

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I need help choosing the right supplies. This is my first time trying to do a saltwater fish tank. The tank I am planning to get is this And I need help can you if you can pick all the stuff I will need to start up. I will be adding 2 clownfish and 1 bubble tip sea enemy. So I need help choosing all the right material I will need to start a new fish tank.


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it looks like it comes with all the stuff you need just get the one that comes with the saltwater light and you should be good...i did the live sand in my tank and just some dry rock


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The thing I would recomend most would be a small RODI system and stock up on salt. If you're patient and let your system cycle properly, then you will have great success with simple regular water changes. Patience and consistency are your new best friends.