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I just got home, and my smaller of two false percs was on the bottom of the tank very pale and barely breathing.
I put him in a QT tank right away. I put some maracyn plus and copper treatment in with him but hes in bad shape.


Doesn't sound good. How is he today?
I don't know what you should do...when I have heard of this is it basically...sorry to say this...the end, or nearly.
Let us know how he is and at least this will bump this up if nothing else.


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Don't use anymore copper.
What happened? Was he fine the last time you saw him? Any aggression going on in the tank?


He died that night. It was my first death in 2 years sinced I cycled the tank.
I saw the pictures on the FAQ. And it definately looked like Brooklynella. Of course I didn't have Formalin, and it was 10:30 on Sunday night.
The last time I saw him, was the previous night. He looked absolutley fine. If there was something wrong I would been on it immediately. The next time I saw was a night later on the bottom of the tank in really bad shape ( just like the picture in the FAQS of the clown with the advanced Brooklynella).
The thing that kills me is that I have no I idea what would have caused this. I haven't introduced any fish or inverts in 4 months, and every damn test on my water is perfect. The only thing that I have done recently is add a new homemade counter current protein skimmer and thats it.
Two days later, its might-have-been mate is perfectly fine and so is every other fish in the tank ( THANK GOD )
So I guess I'm lucky on that account, I just really don't feel like it, you know.