Help jumping Tang


My kole tang is DOA
He was doing great even eating out of my hand just yesterday. I went to feed tthe fish tonight and he wasn't around I searched the tank and did not find him? Wife said he had been MIA all day

Well there he was behind the tank on the floor
The fire shrimp and cleaner are fine the clown is fine the scooter blennie is fine, the 3 damsals in the refug are ok. The RBTA ok, and the other Anomne are ok, All the corals are open wide and fine. no stray volts. checked with Fluke 88. Any Idea?
NO2 0
NO3 15
Amonia 0
Selinty 34
Temp 79
PH 8.2
ALK 13
Kh 9
Calicum 420
im sorry to hear that. koles are my favorite tang. fish just jump sometimes. when they get startled, they have a burst of speed, sometimes its in an upwards direction. tangs dont usually jump but its not unheard of. buy some eggcrate for your tank.