Help! Ive been seeing dead snail shells lying around my tank?!! Snails and some smaller fish just seen to have disappeared??!
I think i have what some have referred to a Pistol/clubbing shrimp? (Mantis Shrimp?) I have seen a strange 2inch tan colored shrimp that looks like a praying Mantis (however you spell it) hiding in rocks. Also alot of times i hear loud clicking and banging sounds coming from my tank, especially at night!?
I hear i have to get ride of him!
So fellow bounty hunters... How in the world do i catch this murdering Foe??? He seems to be etremely fast!
What can i do to catch this Foe??? :eek:

the don

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Try taking the lid of your aquarium off, and when you see the shrimp dart to a piece of live rock, just take the whole piece of rock out and then get rid of him. Its a pain, but works. Good Luck


by taking out the piece of rock he is in and putting it in a fresh water for awhile should scare him out.... or by putting him in his own tank with the rock is also ok.... as a speciman tank..... the choice is yours to make..... good luck


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I recently got rid of a pistol shrimp not because he was killing my fish but because I got tired of the clicking sounds. You probably have a mantis. Be careful because these guys can slice you up the same way they slice fish up.
What I had to do was remove almost every piece of rock from the tank and then net the sucker. My fish were not happy about this at all and they let me know by giving me a few nibbles on the hand. I had to do this though because the little guy would always hide under any piece of rock in the tank.
It took a few hours but now i am actually happier with the new rock arrangement.
Good luck.


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are sometimes referred to, by fisherman who catch larger ones in their nets, "thumb-splitters".
They are considered by some to be the fastest and most powerful creature, for it's size, on earth.
The one I had, had a few favorite hide-outs and would barely poke it's head out at feeding time. When I found what rock he was in, I pulled the rock out and placed it in an empty bucket. I then poured a glass of icy cold water in the hole he was in and he shot out of there so fast it startled me!
End of shrimp, no damage to anything on my Live Rock...or me!!!


Thanks for the hints fellas! Looks like im gonna have me a shimp for dinner tonight!! Im going shrimp hunting!! :mad:
Little shrimp better had said its prayers! Cause where his going there wont be no more cliking!! Hasta La Vista, Baby!!! ha,ha, :D


Hey thanks for the link! :D
Ill go ahead and do some more investigating on this little rodents! And see whats the best way to DEAL with this little creatures!
:rolleyes: PPSssshhhh! Man, seems like there's always something occurring in my tank!


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OMG!!! that poor little crayfish! Doesn't that crayfish have a hard shell? If so imagine what it could do to a more delicate fish!!!!!