Help me build


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Hey i am slowly getting into the hobby and want to start with a nano 20 gal.
20 gal is what i have already + i cant really afford a big tank until i get out of school. I am going to school for radiology and want to start working a setup slowly. I really dont care how fast it comes together.
All I am interested in is getting just a couple of clowns and maybe a some small coral.
Ok now that you know my goals i wanna know how hard it is to build a wet dry filter for my 20 gal. Does anybody have any plans put together , and or any input?
Like All i really want to do for the moment is get the water flowing in the tank and maybe put some live rock in and cycle it. Then i will let it mature for a while, as i am in no hurry.


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Not hard at all to make a sump... There are several ways you could go about it... You could use a simple rubbermaid container you can get at Walmart, the dollar store or such or you could build a sump out of acrylic which is alittle more costly and more time, or you could use something simple again as a extra tank