Help me get my manda back!


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Read a lot of this post , and it seems this girl has figured you out. She might come on like she loves you , but she is too young to be tied down+ does not for cheating. She is hurting you by cheating , and your taking the beating bro. She sees that sappy attitude, your really gonna have to change that or you will get run over by girls. You seem genuine, like i am as well. But you have to be headstrong and weigh out what your limits are, and more about your needs. This girl is not meeting them. I understand adapting to a relationship somewhat but, your getting the shaft on this situation. You would have to be somebody your not to make this work it seems. Be free ,have fun, worry about your career.
Love will change its meaning to you so many times through your whole lifespan. Each time becoming more intense and understood. Of course that is why there is no true definition.
I got a 17 year old (near 18) pregnant when i was 21. could have went to jail, but didnt. I have a great son outta it.
Stay tough man, keep your dukes up. Dont spill your guts out to these girls, thats when they walk on you. You have to slowly release yourself. Make sense?
Anyhow good luck to you.