Help me pick my fish...I know I know.....


I know it is all about what I WANT...But it helps to see everyone elses opinions..
Ok I have a 55 gallon that will soon be full of LR and will be purchasing a reef package....What is a good combo of fish that will provide a good deal of color and variety,...I like Clowns, Fridmani, Lunare Wrasse, Firefish, Anthias, Midas Blenny, maybe Tangs....
So how would these do together...
WHat are your ultimate 55 gallon fish lineups??


i know, get a royal grama, they are soooooooo colorful, also a flame angel, those are really neat, and some clownfish:jumping: :jumping:


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Flame hawkfish...
If you are intending on purchasing a reef package...and it has corals and other reef things...make sure the fish you purchase dont live on reef type foods...polyps, etc...


not only think about what fish you want to add, also the order to put it in.
i haven't add any fish to my tank for more than 9 months, just added a small damsel the other day, every fish is picking on him now, even the clown fish.


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The lunare wrasse is not suitable, IMO, with inverts nor with small fish. It is a large, very active swimmer, and a natural predator of inverts like snails and crustaceans.
If this is a 55g tank, IMO, you are not thinking "tangS." Perhaps A tang such as a yellow eye, marginally a yellow or purple (will out grow the system). Other tangs - naso, powder blue/brown, are not very suitable...and multiple specimens are definitely not suitable for that tank size.
A gramma and a pseudochromis may not be compatible. They are both highly territorial.
Anthias are quite delicate and should not go into a young tank, IMO.


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You may consider researching the specimens you intend to will only save you money, time, frsutration and may even save the animal...that goes for everything you are thinking about keeping.