help moving a mushroom


I have a mushroom that I got with no rock base, so I wedged the base in a crevice in my live rock, now I need to move it to a new rock, how do i remove it, I've tried putting it by hand and its stuck REALLY good, i tried to get tweezers under it in the crevice but I dont want to hurt it either. Any ideas?
The head ranges from dime to silver dollar size depending on its mood (i guess), should I consider just cutting the cap off and gluing it to a new rock and see if I might get 2 out of it?
Also on another note, the other night I turned on the light and the shroom was all fold in on itself, it almost looked like a closed zoo polyp, is this normal?


Your best bet is to chop the head off and grow two. Mush are very hardy and it shouldn't have any problems surviving that. Try to cut as close to the base as possible.
As for them closing up at night, that is normal.