Help...My Flow Has Decreased!


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My 50 gallon reef system has been up and running for 4 months now and my corals are looking a little stressed. After checking everything I realized that my water flow (current) has really deminished since first turning on the pump. I'm using a EHEIM 1060 running from an overflow, out of my sump and through two powerheads. What is slowing down the water flow? Do I need to service the pump? Is so, what do I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Take you pump out, take it apart and clean it. I don't have an Eeim, but I'm assuming some likely causes are:
1- Calcium & "gunk" buildup on impeller walls is reducing RPMs
2- Any pre-Filter or "sponge" material in the intake of the pump is clogged
3- kinks or obstructions in your return line.

Unplug the pump. Remove intake grille (squeeze sides slightly) and rinse coarse filter under running water, or, if necessary, replace. If water is badly contaminated, clean filter more frequently.
Unscrew and remove the retaining ring and carefully pull the pump cover straight out, taking care not to damage the fragile ceramic shaft. Remove impeller with spindle. Thoroughly rinse all parts under running water and clean with a brush. Reassemble in reverse order.
A good cleaning should help improve output considerably. Keep us updated...
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