help my perculas are fighting



ok quick overview:
65 gal reef tank
soft corals
sally lightfoot crab
fire shrimp
cleaner shrimp
blue hippo tang
six line wrasse
bulb tip anenome
2 perculas
my tank has been set up for 3 years now and i have just recently started adding fish to my tank. i just added the two perculas 2 weeks ago, it had been a year since i added my last fish (blue hippo tang). it has been two weeks and they were getting along great, then yesterday the larger one started chasing and picking at the smaller one, the larger one is jerking its body and flipping its tail at the smaller one. the larger one won't let the smaller one out from behind the rocks without chasing her back. what is going on and will they stop or do i need to do something?


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let nature take its course. one is becoming the dominant fish, which will eventually become the female.


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Yes renogaw is right. My two had their battle a few days ago again. Now they are happily married husband and wife and share the anemone until the Mrs goes into her PMS mode again. They will do this on and off.


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Originally Posted by ocellaris_keeper
congrats!! You're getting yourself a mated pair.

not necessarily mated, but paired up yes. mine have been paired up for almost 8 months now and no eggs

jimmy 4

how can you tell if they are actually a pair. Ive had 2 that get along and share the same anemone. One is larger and has always been larger than the other. The anemone is pretty big. Like 10 inches.