Help! My powerhead is a killer!!


I am an idiot.
I have 2 300gph powerheads in my 29g and 1 of the same in my 10g QT.
In my main I had some snails get sucked into the cone that covered the intake. So I took the cones off, I think the cones were to adapt the PH to an undergravel filter or something.
Then later in my QT I cam home one day and my royal gramma was gone?! I thought he jumped out, only I couldn't find him!! I was stumped until...
A week or so later I came in and a clown in my main tank was sucked up against the plastic screen covering the intake!
AAAAAAAAAarrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh Is there no end to the pain of this Hobby???
OK enough complaining... what should be done to end the painful, slow death my fish, snails etc. are expiriencing at the hands of my evil powerheads?
^ where they sell filters at?? i need them for my aquaclears. Ive lost a yellow tang, a clown, and a pepermint shimp to the PH
go to deathco and get some prefilter sponges. They make them in big pads for canister filters. Then just cut to size and secure with a rubber band. Not the prettiest, but it will keep your fish alive. Then find out the company that makes the PHs either contact them or post the name here and we can help you find the right prefilters.


thanks speedracered.
thanks for boosting my morale. For a while I thought my IQ was too low to figure out how to set up a PH. Its nice to know I am not the only idiot around here.
just kidding. I probably am.


if you have any bio balls laying around they work also and don't trap debris as much just put it in by the screen intake, it has worked great for me.


Why do you have 600 gph going through a 29 gallon tank? And 300 gph through a 10 gallon tank?
So 20x in the 29 and 30x in the 10, is that what you are saying?
Thats nuts!


Thomas you can't blame many people on this forum constantly screaming you can never have too much flow...while always encouraging more and more...Slouiscar, I might suggest lowering your flow on your tanks...Especialy the 10 gallon like Thomas said thats nuts. If I were you i'd get a ph rated for something more like 150gph tops...i think some people will go with two 50's or slightly higher.


I have to admit, when I first read the post, I was thinking the same thing Thomas is. I agree the more flow you can provide, the better, but that's crazy, I mean for a relatively small tank, I guess. I'm just imagining my powerjet 1200 in my qt, with no prefilter on it...
Sorry, that's just funny. Just out of curiosity, why would you want a powerhead like that in your qt? Is it just what you had for an extra powerhead, or something?