Help...need to fix these parameters! Soft corals looking bad...


What is the best way to get my system back to normal....everything has been humming along quite well for about 1.5 years now.
I've gotten a little lazy with water changes and low and behold I'm starting to have problems.
Soft coral button polyps and mushroom corals starting to not look as good as they used to. Just lost 2 emerald crabs.
Just tested everything and I am off on my parameters.
75 Gal - FWLR (1 perc clown, 1 yellow tang, 1 6 line wrasse, 1 cleaner shrimp, 10 astrea snails, 50 nessarius, 12 hermits)
Salinity 1.25
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 15
PH 7.8
Calcium 900+

#1 I know that water changes are the best solution to the problem and also the best way to prevent this from happening again.
I am using Oceanic Salt and think that may be why my Calcium levels are so high - at least I've read on this board that they have too much calcium in their mix.
I use the A and B Ionic Blend....A is Calcium and B is Alkaline. Should I add some B and no A?
Any input would be greatly appreciated and shame on me for getting lazy with water changes!!!!!!!!


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Of course you already said about the water changes... I would do that as soon as your water is ready and TESTED For Calcium and Alkalinity. Do you test for both of those? You should start if your using AB IOnic blend.
The answer to your question is yes just use the B...
Are you talking about B-Ionic name brand? If so, A is alk and B is cal.
Start with a 30% water change and every 3 days do it again until its back to normal. You should be OK .
I know you don't want to hear this but... You need to test your water at least every other week or at the very least once a month. How often do you do water changes? Always test your first batch from each bag or bucket of salt you use and you want have to worry again. Good luck. keep us updated when things get back on track.


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Do you mean your salinity is 1.025 or 1.25. If it's 1.25 as you stated then everything will probably die. I think you mean 1.025 since that would be exactly where you want it.
I use Oceanic and haven't had a problem with to much calcium at all.


I'm using C balance....and the B bottle says liquid alkalinity so I added some. I also completed a water change and threw in a tbsp of baking soda.
My tank was doing so well for so long I got cocky and stopped testing and got lazy on the water changes. Lesson learned..preventative maintainence is always best.
I do not have an alkalinity test, any suggestions?
Thank you so much for that prompt response!!! I will keep you posted.
Go Browns!!!!!!


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IMO I would stop with the additives and begin to do some partial water changes (10 to 20 percent) every other day with a quality slat mix and RO/DI water to bring things back in balance.
Red Seas new coral pro salt specifically formulated for RO water is quickly becoming my preferred mix. Out of the 5 or 6 batches I have made the parameters have been rock solid.
After that a ten to twenty percent water changes each weekend should keep things in order without the use of additives.
If you feel that you must use something I would suggest a kalk drip rather than bottled additives to keep PH calcium and alk levels solid.