HELP Red algea


I have a 75 gallon reef tank that has been running for over 2 years and all of a sudden I am getting all kinds of red algea. I switched my old bulbs(110 vho)with new ones hoping this would help and it has had no effect on the algea. Please all advice accepted and welcomed. I need to get rid of this. The tank has 100 # of beautiful purple coraline growing but quickly being taken over with the red slim algea. :help:

yeffre kix

Sounds like cyanobacteria (Somthing like that). Its caused by poor water conditions. Too much disolved organics in the system. A good protien skimmer will help as well water changes. I've read somewhere that there are crabs that eat red slime but not sure which. Prolly best if you just siphon it off the rocks when you do the water change.


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Mexican Turbo snails work wonders on cyano as well.
What is the nitrate level in the tank and are you using tap water or RO water that could possibly have an old membrane?


I am using bottled water (distilled) from the grocery store. What else should I look at?