Help unexplained fish dying


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What do you think of Rally Ruby Reef products? They are supposed to be reef safe or is patience the way to go?
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used that garbage on my tank to get rid of fungus on one Angel. It turned my whole tank orange, and in two days most of my fish died. Stay away from any crap that says you can pour it right into a display tank. They don't work.


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add macro algae to your tank like chaetomorphia and get it established. That will consume ammonia directly plus nitrates phosphates and carbon dioxide and return fish food and oxygen. Partition the tank if necessary to keep the macros protected from the critters.

After a week or two acclimate a black male molly to saltwater, add to your tanks, and don't add food for a week. Then add a few more mollys and start feeding 1 or 2 flakes per day.

The idea is to first establish a balanced stable setup and second test with inexpensive fish to confirm the tank is ready. After a couple more weeks try the more expensive marine only fish. Eventually take the mollys our and return for store credit.

I feel your tank needs to be more balanced and stable.

But that is my