help w/ checklist starting a dwarf seahorse tank

Lidin Najera

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Hi! I got a five gallon tank with a Top Fin Power filter for a ten gallon tank. I haven't set up anything but I heard I need a sponge filter? Or how does that work? Help please :(
I know I need fine sand, a saltwater test kit and some coral skeletons (or can I use a ornament for their little tails )


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I don't know about the filter...but they do need hitches. Use ONLY dry rock and sand to be able to prevent any bad hitchhikers. Coral skeletons, macroalgae and or décor, either, both or all three are good as long as they can hitch their little tails and hold on.

The biggest trouble with dwarf seahorses is that they can only eat NEW hatched live baby brine shrimp. If you can get a bigger tank and get captive bred seahorses, they eat frozen Mysis food, and are as easy to care for as any SW fish.