Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Water Level


Last night i set up my refuge and new 20 gallon sump w a turbo floater 1000 in it. I had a wet/dry not any more. I ifnished at about 3 am and @ 7 am i wake up to hear a drip its the overflow where the o ring is there was water dripping ok fine i fix it start the siphon all over and now, my water level is at the very top of my tank just goin right over the overflow like it's not there i dont know what to do it's driving my nuts please help i have work at 4 pm tonight till 4 pm tomoorow night and need to fix tyhis before so nothing else happens


sounds like the overflow isnt syphoning or is plugged. unless you have a pump pumping more gph than the overflow is rated for i doubt that. check the syphon tube and then the whole drain tube for blockages. that is the only way this could be caused that i know of


do you have the overflow going stright to the TF??
if so there is your problem.
I have a TF 1000 and I had that problem it restrict the drain.
i would either "T" it of with a ballvalve so the you have some Water going straight into the sump and some going throught the TF Or drian right to the sump and get a PH to pump water from the sump through the TF. hope this Helps.
btw I have my tf setup the second way and love it work perfect!!!