Help with a new 20 long please?


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Basically I just need some stock help and a bit of info on Cherub/Pigmy Angels (Centropyge argi). This tank will be plumed into a 29 gallon fuge, so that's about fifty gallons of water right? I have a HOB skimmer (SeaClone) on the back of the actual display tank. The fuge is sort of a planted display of a bunch of different macro algea and maybe a couple dwarf seahorses if I really start to read up on them. Probably wont be for another year though. Anyways, the tank is in my basement cycling now and will be moved close to the end of summer to the school.
20 long
29 fuge
seaclone skimmer and HOB filter with chemipure
20 lbs of LR
20 lbs of sand (seeded from my other tank)
18" Nova Sundial T5 lighting
Inverts wanted
8 hermits
10 narci snails (they're really small where I get them)
10 cerith snails
1 reef safe urchin
1 fireshrimp
1 lettuce nudi?? (never had a nudi, its a thought but I havn't researched them enough yet)
1 emerald crab
1 Boxer crab/pom pom crab
Fish wanted

2 clownfish
1 Yellow watchman goby
1 sixline wrasse
1 cherub angel??
I wanted to get some blue in with the fish list and I'm sick of damsels (and chromis are uglllyyy lol). Do the Chrub angels need sponge in their diets like the rest of them? If so, how would I go about getting that to it? Also, would there be any territory issues (mainly with the sixline)? I figured that having that many fish wouldn't be too bad seeing as they're pretty small and the system is plummed into another tank (more water volume) and has a skimmer. The tank will be set up for about three months with nothing but coral and CUC to allow the pod population to take off and the tank to stableize. Anyone think its still too many fish? If so, the angel is out.


I wouldn't recommend the Angel. They need at least 30g to be happy/swim freely.
Stick with 2 clowns and the watchman Goby. Might be able to add another fish that is less territorial.
The six-line will be an issue. you have 59g plumbed, but only 20g of territorial space. With the refuge you can handle a higher bio-load. Check out fairy and flasher wrasse's.