Help with an ID

Can anyone tell me what type of sea cucumber that this is. It usually stays on the rocks. I am attaching two pictures one with blue lights one with out. It is about 2 inches long and I have not seen it on the sand, but I have seen it on the glass and rocks mainly the rocks. I was told that it is a tiger tail cucumber? but I am not sure. Thanks for the help!


Thanks Spanko I read about that one and it does look similar in a way, but I think you are right it is going to be difficult to ID. I may have to wait a little while until it gets a little bigger and see what it looks like then. Right now though it does have as many rows of "spikes" like the one you pointed out Spanko. Ill have to keep looking through pictures and see if I can find one that could be it. The person I usually goes with gets most of the stuff from the Caribbean.