HELP with Bubble Tip Anemone

KS Reef

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I purchased a small 20gal tank fully stocked with corals, fish, live rock etc for a good price just before Christmas from a guy that was getting a divorce, and getting out of the hobby. I bought it with intensions of eventually adding everything to my newer 75gal that dont have much yet. The guy I purchased it from was pretty miss informed by his LFS from what he told me and the water chemistry was really bad when I tested it, but everything seemed to be happy inside. Ive been changing out a couple gallons of saltwater a day to slowly get the water better, but ive noticed some white spots on the green bubble tip anemones disk that have me concerned. They look like little tumors or something, but a couple of times ive seen very small fishing line type clear strings coming out of the spots and wrapped around a tentacle or two very tight like its strangling it. This anemone was expanding to 3+ inches when I first got the tank home and now it isn't looking happy at all. The past week its been closing up completely very often, its not eating and the clownfish it was letting host in it dont seem to have much interest in it anymore... Please help me if you can. THANKS



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It just looks like debris to me. You may be overdoing the cleaning. Many things do actually like the water a little dirty, and to change what they are used to very quickly, will add stress. The clownfish should be helping keep it clean, just see what you can do about the water, not too sterile.


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I have four ginormous BTA's and the one host clown keeps them spotless. Other clown fish, that I've had and given gave away, also did this. Maybe try and blow water across it to see if it is debris and comes loose, but I would have thought a host clown would not let it accumulate like that. As for the eating, I've never had a healthy one refuse a chunk of shrimp. Though all 4 I have now came from a guy who had 30 that had cloned themselves, and they all looked amazing, and he told he he never fed his at all and just gave them strong light, though I suspect his clown fed them. If its not debris, I have no idea unfortunately, but it doesn't look extremely healthy so I would see what else you can find out soon as anemones can go downhill quickly.