Help with DIY lights.



Ok I am about to start a 100G FOWLR tank. I bought a used tank with a has an old looking ballast on it and 2 ends so you can just put 2 lights on it. I'm wanting to remove it and redo it...
I have enough room for about 4 bulbs and could always add more but just not on the conopy itself. Anyways, Like I said it is for a FOWLR as of now...want to know what size ballast i should purches and if the ends really matter..What kind of lights do I need for this set up? And I would like rom to grow once I feel comfortable for plant life, I would like to upgrade lights then.
Any help is usefull...thanx everyone

mr . salty

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The type of lighting you need really depends on what you want the tank to end up as.
You say you want a fowlr,but then mention plantlife???
A fish only tank really only requires enough light for you to see the fish,,,so regular flos are fine.
Adding live rock increases the need for better lighting,here VHO's would be perfect.
But for best lighting,,,nothing compaires to MH (IMO).
My tank,although no a true reef tank,,,uses both MH,and VHO's.
The live rock is thriving,,,and I could add just about anything I want.
MR. Salty,
I thought that live rock could be treated as a fish only tank. I what way is your lr thriving? I may need more light?