Help with hair algae


My tank was started last May. Over the last two months I have been experiencing an out break of hair algae. Never had the problem before.
Lighting is in my signature. On 12 hours a day. Cut it back to 10 hours a day today.
Phos. = .25
Nitrates = 5
Amonia = 0
Nitirites = 0
ALK = 6 dKh
CA = 500
PH = 8.4
I have a Refugium with Grape Calupra. Doesn't grow all that well. Just increased lighting to 30 watts. It is a ten Gallon.
What more can I do ?:(
My water is from the city but here in Cape Coral FL it is RO water from the city and tests o for phosphates. Yes Cape Coral has a complete RO processing system.


Mostly on the LR some but very little on the LS. much on the power heads. A bit growing on the skelital parts of my Candy Cane


This happened to me once and I cut my lighting down and tried to remove as much as I could by hand, about a month later it was all gone.