Help with Kalk.....aaarrrrggggg


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In my last post I was dripping kalk.
The first night I mixed 2 gallons of r/o water with 2 teaspoons of kalkwasser.
That night all the kalk settled to the bottom of the mixture and was pumped into my tank.
It killed all my shrooms and burned my featherdusters!
The next day/night I raised my magnisium from 1300 to 1500.
Last night I did some research and found out that I needed more co2 in my water for the kalk to desolve. I tried my adding 15ml of distilled white viniger to the kalk before adding the r/o water.
This morning I found that the kalk still settled in the 2 gallons and went into my tank!!!!!!!
I tested the calcium level tonight and now it is around 180 (down from three days ago).
What the $#@## am I doing wrong?
I am about to drop the dosing machine in the tank and end it fast!!
Sorry, just airing abit,


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from what i understand, you will have sediment (sp) from the kalk, and you should let it settle anywhere from 15min to 24 hrs (depending who you talk to) before dosing.
just things i have been reading, i am new at it too

btw, i put 1 TBS per per gallon


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The "outlet"on your Kalk container should not be right on the bottom or you will continue to get the sediment dumped in your tank...
Set you Kalk bucket up with the outlet an inch or so off the bottom so you only drip the clear settled fluid and the sediment stays in the container..


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Look at this one, see how the IV dripper is about 1.5" above the bottom..
Like always Squidd's right again with this one


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So what is the sediment in the bottom? Unused kalk?
I put in 4 teaspoons of kalk at it looks like 10 teaspoons of sediment?
What am i missing here?
BTW thx


Squid is right donot let the sediment drip into your tank if you do it kills your calcium level and others.only drip the clear solution.
I always wondered what would happen if the presip was put into the tank (guesse i know now)
my method is starting a slow drip early in the morning before work when ph is the lowest (kalk has a ph of 12)also i let my mix sit for a whole day befor adding so that it is crusty on top


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Kalk is a supersaturated solution of limewater...
the way to obtain supersaturation is to put more kalk powder than the liquid can dissolve... naturally the excess kalk will settle out as precipitate/sediment...
letting the precipitate enter your tank is like dropping the kalk powder directly into your tank...
you can mix it in a different container or make sure the tube inlet is above the bottom
I mix my kalk in an empty 3gal container and pour it into a dosing container the next day.:happyfish


Reading up on this, I have seen (or read) that some have it drip right next to there protien skimmer. This allows the skimmer to take in the kalk and provide the needed co2 due to the gas exchange inside the skimmer. My biggest concer though would be in the skimmer removing the kalk, making the whole process useless, but have been told that, like trace elements, the loss is minimal to none. I have yet to start anything so in depth on my tank, as I only have a Frilly shroom, a Pulsing xenia, and a colony of green starburst.


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OK, first thing we learned is not to let the slurry go in the tank.
2nd is use 1 tsp. per gallon unless you use vinagar to go to 2 tsp.
I want to touch on this also.
The next day/night I raised my magnisium from 1300 to 1500.
Did you add something to raise this? Always raise things s l o w l y to the tank. Meaning, I do half doses of what the bottle says. I think (IMO) to raise it 200 PPM overnight is alittle to fast. I would have done it 50 PPM one night and again the next night until I reached my target. I do this to all my adjustments if they are big.
HTH, Dan


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Isn't it about time for a vacation Kip?
I can put you up for a week or two, :yes: