Help with new clownfish!

i have a biocube 29 with 35lbs live rock and 30lbs live sand I cycled and have been running for over a month now. 2 weeks ago I put in some hermit crabs to clean up the tank and finally I decided I wanted to put in the clowns since it's cycled.

I got a nice bonded pair of clowns who stick together but I put them in yesterday and they seem to not be doing well.

At first they were swimming to the top as if they couldn't breathe so I lowered the salinity of the water and hoping that would do it since everything else reads 0.

Now they are swimming in the same spot but pushing one another to the surface.

They won't eat brine shrimp or fish food and I want to make sure everything is ok, I don't want to kill them.

Any advice? I know clowns do strange things but I'm worried.

I video taped them maybe it'll help


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If u got them from a lfs ask what they fed them. My original pair wouldn't touch mysis. My first fish so its all i had. I didn't get brine bc nutrition wise it sucks. After 3 days i called the store, brine and hikari marine s pellets. So i got that. Starting eating rt away. Idk if its bc most clowns are captive raised and use to a certain diet or what. Now they eat anything, but still like those pellets.

florida joe

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I agree they look fine I agree ask the store what they were feeding, i bet its something that stays near or even floats at the surface of the water