Help with rock


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Just wondering what would be good for the brown stuff on my rock. I got a powerhead to help blow it off, but it's not helping too much. I am able to blow it off but it just settles back on the rock. Any help would be great. Thanks


That sounds like diatomaceous algae. Is it a brown fuzzy looking growth? From my understanding it's not desirable but neither is it a huge problem, and it is also ubiquitous in new tanks. It's supposed to disappear about a week after it appears.


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on the rocks snails should be able to take care of it as well as a blenny... and for the sand you can get a sand sifting goby.


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Could be a phosphate problem. Test for phosphates, and try Seachem's Phosguard. Then, try to minimize the amount of phophates getting into the tank.