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Btw, I looked up the Rio 2500 and it's rated at 782 gph, the bummer, it's not working well :)
Again, thanks for your help...after I work on this and get it going i'll have some questions about setting up the lighting.
how is the pump not working well?


It's not turning on at all :) If you have an idea of how to kick start it...let me know otherwise i'll just get a new one.
Now on to the my old tank I used to have the ballast on the tank stand. The ballast now is humongous! Any ideas as to where best to put it other than the stand? The tank has PC lighting...I don't know anything else about the lights.


heh.. pumps just start when you plug them in.
how about a picture of the ballast.. Do you see any pre-existing mounting holes anywhere?

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my mag 7 has run solid in my 55 for 5 years straight. The only moving part is the impeller, low maintainance