I've had my tank up for a little over 2 months. I started with tap water but have been doing 15% water changes each week with ro water. i bought two pieces of lr, that was covered with coraline algae, but it started dying off. Everyone i talked to said that this stuff would spread, but it hasn't. i thought i had it grow all over the place because i got this purple algae growth on a few of my rocks and on the walls in my tank, but (correct me if i'm wrong) just a cyno algae. I've been treating my tank with 5-7.5 B-Ionic everyday, as the bottle suggest for my 30 gal tank. All my numbers are good, 0ammon, 0trite, <10 trate, ph.~8.3, calcium ~430.
Anyone tell me how to get the coraline to grow???Please???? :help: :help: